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Client Testimonials

Real People, Real Results 


Jessica V.

Training with Xavier was one of the best investments I ever made. Not only is every workout a killer but it’s also tailored specifically to meet my goals. He will make all the needed adjustments to get where you want to be! Besides helping through the exercises  he educated me in the importance of nutrition. He believed in me more than I believed myself and gave me the motivation to achieve the goals I dreamed of. I never knew how much potential I had until I started training with Xavier, I will forever be grateful for his work.

Fashion Model

Xdrivefitness took me to the next level physically. Sometimes I need an extra push and I definitely got that. Learned how to tighten up my exercises and how to maximize every rep. If you are new to working out or been working out for years, I would recommend my guy X!

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Xavier pushed me to be the best that I could be in the gym. Teaching me proper technique and form he gave me confidence that I will forever carry with me on my fitness journey.Very knowledgeable and effective trainer. Xavier holds a positive energy that motivates you to do your best and show up. I am so happy with my progress!Xavier pushes you to achieve your target goals and creates a program that caters to you. I am so much stronger and more comfortable in the gym. Most effective and motivational trainer I've ever had!

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